luke windish

2LT Signal Officer United states army

united states military academy at west point graduate

computer science major


I was raised in Wichita, Kansas by Tom & Kristi Windish alongside my three younger siblings Andrew, Laine, and Cameron. Since graduating from Andover High School as the valedictorian of my class, I studied computer science at the United States Military Academy and graduated with a degree in computer science in May of 2022. From there, I graduated Signal BOLC in November of 2022 and am currently a Connections Relay Group Platoon Leader in Okinawa Japan.


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Throughout my time at the academy, I have had many opportunities to learn and showcase my programming skills through several projects within my courses. Here are some examples of my work and a peek into what kind of subjects I'm interested in and problems I'm capable of solving.

Computer Graphics

In this class, throughout the semester, I continually built a game through OpenGL with the main program being written in C++. Here I had full control over the game I wanted to pursue and the functions the game would have. This class gave me a lot of experience building a 3D environment, manipulating lighting and cameras, as well as some familiarization with blender. The video to the right showcases my final product where you are a car avoiding oncoming traffic at night. Over time, the speed of the car increases and you can switch to a first person view to increase the difficulty. To polish off my final game, I also added advanced features such as a cubemap, framebuffers, multiple shaders / light sources, and collision detection.

Software Testing and Development

Above is the link to a cloned repository of my final project in my software testing and development class I took in my junior year at the academy. Along with two other classmates, we created the die rolling game "Farkle" using object oriented programming in Scala. In this class, we focused on test driven development, basic security principals, and good practices for developing and managing a project in Github. This class was great for going step by step from a software idea into a finished product.

Computer Organization

This was one of the more challenging but rewarding classes I have taken during my time at West Point. With a focus on C and assembly language, this class was very different from most other programming classes I have taken but gave me a deeper insight into how a computer allocates memory and operates on a lower level. All of the projects in this class focused on some sort of hacking whether it be brute force or through other techniques such as buffer overflow. Below are two of my projects in this class that focus on password cracking involving MD5 hashes. The first can get figure out the password of a hash given that the hash is exactly 5 characters long. The second link is to a password cracker that when given a list of the 10 million most common passwords, can figure out the password given the MD5 hash if it is within that list.

Computer Networks

This class focused primarily on the structure of the internet and an in depth look into the infamous five layer model of networking. On top of learning about all of the hardware and protocols at each level, we utilized python socket programming to get hands on experience with building and sending packets according to their RFC. Throughout the course I built a web server, a simple chat client and sever, as well as another client/server program that sends what appears to be a simple ICMP ping request over wireshark but contains an encoded secret message that only the server I built knows how to interpret.

Men's Team Handball

Throughout my time at the United States Military Academy, I have participated in Men's Team Handball which is a fairly unknown sport in the United States but is a popular sport in Europe. Through this team, I had the opportunity to teach and mentor younger teammates as well as be a part of something bigger than myself. Our team has won the collegiate national championship several years in a row now so it is up to me and my teammate's leadership to keep the standards high and maintain this legacy. Being able to learn about different cultures through this sport and the comradery that this team has made this one of my defining experiences while at West Point.


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